Today your customers can pay their tattoo in installments

Thanks to the agreement with Pagantis SA EP (Banco de España, code 6857), regulated, authorized and supervised entity of the Banco de España, Inkdome can offer to all European tattooists the opportunity to offer to their customers the financing of their tattoo.

How it works

  • Download the application

  • Click on the icon "Tattoo financing"

  • Insert your customer's email

  • The customer receives an email with a form s/he must fill to request a financing

  • S/he completes the process in just 7 minutes and, if s/he has enough cash in the bank, receives approval for the financing, paying only the first installment today and the rest in the upcoming months.

  • You, tattoo artist, receives the entire sum in only 7 days! We take care of collecting the cash from the customer.

The advantages for you

Tattoo more

Tattoo those who could not do it before because they lacked the resources to do so.

Get paid sooner

You get all the amount you are owed on the first day and don't need to wait the next tattoo session. 

Make bigger tattoos

Enjoy the pleasure of making bigger pieces of art. It's much more fun!

The advantages for your customers

Wait no more!

Finally they can get their desired tattoo when they want it, with zero wait.

Everything from the smartphone

You do the entire financing request process from your phone.

No more papers and long waiting times!

in 7 minutes everything is done. You pay only the 1st installment and get your tattoo done.

Costs of the service


of the requested financing

  • There are no fixed costs to use the service

  • You pay only if the financing request is approved

  • The 10% is directly deduced from the total of the tattoo you get within 7 days

  • In other words, you only pay if you work more!

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